Designing organizational road maps in Wien, Austria

The project’s first Short term staff training event (STSTE) C1 took place in BFI, Austria, in December 2018. The main objective of the event was to discuss the DigCompEdu-framework as well as organizational perspectives to developing digital capacity, competences and skills. Based on the discussions the project groups started planning their organizational road maps to Digital Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

The project group also had an opportunity to arrange an online meeting with JRC (Joint Research Centre) representative Christine Redecker, who presented an insight to the DigCompEdu-framework and the SELFIE ecosystem. This was very beneficial to the project group, as they got to discuss the digital competence levels in more detail and receive valuable feedback and advise from Ms. Redecker.

As a result of the STSTE event each project organization now has their own specified road map to guide them forward in their digital competence development path. The road maps include prioritized competence areas and focus points together with initial schedules.