After developing an organizational roadmap at the C1 meeting in Vienna, the OSZ IMT team started a first pilot using the SELFIE tool to evaluate digital teaching and learning at their school.

An internal steering commitee started to evaluate the SELFIE question sets and defined additional question to be added to the questionaire. During the preparations, the team decided to split up the participants in two groups: IT dual training apprentices where asked to use a different link than other students, as the organizational structure is quite different in those professions and the respective teaching.

The team also created some infos and facts about SELFIE on the OSZ IMT webseite both for students and teachers to encourage them to be part of this SELFIE.

In total, 1’081 students, 65 teachers and 17 school leaders took part in our evaluation. While the results where quite widespread, we we observed a general match between the view of the different stake holders:

One most clear opportunities for further progress of embedding digital technology in teaching and learning seems to be the usage of feedback tools, both used by teachers to give feedback to students but also to give feedback from students to other students:

Using the insight gained with the SELFIE tool, the continuous professional development team at the OSZ IMT will decide on which special topics activities and workshop could focus in the next internal CPD day at the end of the summer break – and re-evaluate the efforts within one of the next SELFIE periods in spring 2020…