CheckIn Tool Feedback from TAKK’s trainers

During our Digitalized Learning Path project, TAKK’s trainers have been invited to trial the DigCompEdu Check In tool for self reflection of areas where you can enhance the ways in which eductators use digital technologies for teaching and learning.

Here are the main findings of TAKK’s participants about the tool:

  • Due to the fact that this tool was not available in Finnish, it was rather hard to get our staff to participate
  • Participants’ estimation of their own levels were quite accurate with the CheckIn Tool results
  • Some difficulties with browsers (not any certain browser)
  • Technical usability good
  • Clear, logical, well-structured tool
  • Emphasized key words makes it easy to focus on the relevant topic
  • Good length
  • Background information is not suitable for our organization (vocational adult education)
  • The summary after the results is very clear with concrete tips for further actions
  • Rating 3,75/5 stars