C3 project meeting in Denmark

The 3rd short-term joint staff training event of the Learning Path project took place from 5th to 7th of November in Næstved, Denmark.

The main aim of this event was to get to know the developed Digital Learning Paths of the participants. Based on the experience and expertise of VUC, the participants involved were capacitated with more tools and activities in order to enrich their paths.


The Tour in the VUC building with “walks and talks” was for sure enlightening, regarding the state-of-the-art technology that can be used in education and training. This visit was enriched with discussions with VUC staff on how teachers use ICT, such as digital collaborative tools, in the class and the challenges they face. This day ended in a fun and relaxing way by exploring the potentialities of Lego WEDO in learning context.


In the next day, all the participants enjoyed the visit to VUC Vordinborg, with the innovative and collaborative exercises using virtual reality and Active Floor. Besides the fun of experimenting these activities and developing our own games, very interesting discussions arose around the use and applications of these tools in participants’ organizations.


The last day of the event was spend debating the gamification subject. The rain allowed the group to have a gamified city walk in Næstved, providing a real experience in how to use and apply game mechanics to digitally engage and motivate participants in learning paths.

All participants in groups had also to face the challenge of applying the knowledge obtained on the gamification subject by developing an idea for a game and close the participation in the three days event.

This capacity building was focused on bringing new insights and knowledge for the participants involved in the project to push further and continue developing their own learning paths and, when back to their organisations, spread the word internally.