TAKK’s project team excited about Active Floor

TAKK Tampere project team’s teachers Anu Erkinheimo and Jouni Hanhinen got really excited about the Active Floor that was introduced during the project’s C3-meeting in Denmark. Anu and Jouni wrote about their experiences as follows:

“We observed English class students using the Active Floor and we were really amazed. We saw how you turn it on using your feet, and it was really easy. We tried different games like english word game and soccer.

English class students starting the Active Floor
There are many game-templates to choose from or make your own

We had a chance to develop our own game. At first we were a little scared because we are not experts of programming . Programming a whole game sounded like an impossible task.  Different groups were tasked to come up with an idea about some kind of game we wanted to have. Then we searched ready-made layout and started to fill in the blanks. And it was fun! Anu’s group made a memory game with pictures and voices! Her group members were so talented that they made the pictures and sounds themselves. Jouni’s group made a quiz. The quiz was meant to get the participants to react really fast. It raised some emotions as well!


It is a very good idea to combine sports and learning. Here you can see Anu and Jouni playing soccer.

There are lot of studies about how a short time doing sports makes learning much more fun and effective. Many studies done in Finnish elementary schools show that pupils are feeling better when they have short active moments during their lessons. We believe that it would also benefit adults. Games can arouse many feelings! We were very happy to see how adults started quickly playing the Active Floor games. Digital learning can be fun and we can recommend the Active Floor to our colleagues and to all trainers who have a possibility to use it.

We are very lucky to get the Active Floor to TAKK in Spring 2020! Our new target on our Learning Paths is to learn to take advantage of the Active Floor even more and to make workshops for our colleagues.”


Check out these short video-clips about playing with the Active Floor:

Project team playing!

Games can arouse many feelings!