New Ideas & Inspirations for the ISQ-team

At the C3 project meeting in Denmark the ISQ Learning Path Team gained new knowledge regarding digital tools and game-based training in learning settings. 

Lara Ramos, Trainer and R+Di Project Manager at ISQ, describes her experiences as follows: 

“Learning Activities are always exciting for me because it’s the opportunity to exchange good practices between peers from other institutions and countries. After all, despite our different realities, we face many times the same problems and difficulties. It’s very exciting to share experiences and hear about other’s solutions and strategies. Being at VUC was an excellent opportunity to see (and experiment!) in loco the potential of many different digital toolslike VR or Active Floor, for example, and gamified exerciseslike the gamified visit to the city. Some of them may not be suitable for our (ISQ) publics, but it’s always an enriching experience. For me it was like a “teaser”: it gave me the inspiration to take small actions such as the compromise to search and apply new digital tools on my daily work and improve my own learning path.”

 The ISQ-team presenting their own learning game design.

Sílvia Soares, Project Manager at ISQ, describes her experiences as follows: 

“On this Learning activity, I had the opportunity to explore innovate methodologies and how we can establish communication, motivate and reach different targetscontributing to a learning culture, as individuals, teams or within organizations.  VUC is an excellent example of good practices, where I highlight the use of collaborative and innovating tools as support of students learning process. The activities we performed enhance the complexity of abilities and competences we can train and develop through using tools like virtual reality or legosThe challenge is to use it right with good planning and evaluating its results to continuous improvement. The best I take from these intensive days was the exchange and sharing of experiences between colleagues, as they became part of my learning journey.”