Learning Path Webinar 29.10.2020 at 12 CET

Digitalized Learning Path for Educational Organizations Erasmus+ project presents:


“Exchanging European experiences on online teaching & cooperation”

Time: Thursday 29.10.2020 at 12-13 CET
In this webinar, the “Learning Path” Erasmus+ project partners describe their experiences on online teaching during the Covid19-lockdown period and provide examples on organizational digital competence development.



12:00 CET         Short introduction to the Learning Path Erasmus+ project
/ Ms. Tuuli Oksanen, Project Coordinator, TAKK Tampere Adult Education Centre, Finland

12:05 CET         Organizational view on digital competence development
/ Ms. Laila Emiliussen-Hougaard, Vice Director, VUC Storstrom, Denmark

12:15 CET         Experiences on remote working: Boosting individual Learning Paths
/ Ms. Tania Avelino Alves, Project Manager & Ms. Lara Ramos, Project Manager, ISQ, Portugal

12:25 CET         Conclusions on distance learning practices during Covid19-lockdown
/ Mr. Matthias Döbler, Quality Manager & European Coordinator, OSZ-IMT, Germany

12:40 CET       Needs for specific target groups in distance learning – experiences from the Covid19-lockdown
/ Ms. Ulla Sever, International Manager, BFI, Austria

12:50 CET         Conclusion, questions & comments

– 13:00


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  • The webinar will be recorded and the recording will be published here on the Learning Path -website



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