Final project meeting: Evaluation & summaries of digital learning paths & strategies

The Learning Path project consortium gathered together for the final project meeting in November 2020. Originally the meeting was supposed to take place in sunny Portugal, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic the meeting was transferred online. The project team was still able to enjoy the sun and the beaches, although via live cameras and Teams.

The purpose of the final project meeting was to go over all the teachers’/trainers’ individual learning paths as well as all the organizational road maps and digital training schemes. The emphasis was on sharing, learning from others’ experiences, discussions, feedback, and final development together.

The final conclusions left all the partners with finalized models of their development work, as well as action plans for further development. It was interesting to see each partner organization’s road map, as they were all based on the same framework but with different emphasis. The framework of DigCompEdu has clearly been guiding the development work of all project partners, but each organization has adapted and tailored the relevant parts according to the needs and structures of their organizations. The common factor is the path, proceeding step-by-step both on teachers’ individual paths as well as on the organizational path.


The teachers’/trainers’ learning paths as well as the organizational road maps have now been finalized and posted here on the project website. The project consortium ended the final meeting with discussions on the development journey and how all our competences have improved during the project, both on individual as well as organizational level. The Path-model for competence development has been proven efficient and rewarding!