Final evaluation, results & best practices

The Learning Path project has now reached the end of its official project time. Project partners completed a final evaluation of project activities and results, and concluded that the project was a great success. In addition to the excellent project results, the process and work-flow of the project was considered very functional and cooperation between partners was fluent and rewarding.

Learning Path_Final_Evaluation_FEB_2021

All the project results are available on this website. Project partners comprised Best Practice models based on organizational learning paths and individual learning paths developed and tested during the project. The Best Practice models are practical templates that can be useful for other organizations when starting to develop their own digital strategies and digital skills & competences of their employees. More detailed examples of organizational strategies and individual learning paths from each partner organizations are also available on this website for further reference. Furthermore, descriptions and experiences on tested competence assessment tools can be useful, especially to other education institutions.

Although this particular project is over, the work on developing digital strategies and competences continues. Based on the findings and results of Learning Path, project partners continue their development work according to their own organizational road maps & action plans.

Thank you for everyone who participated or cooperated with us during the project!

Best wishes, the Learning Path team