Organization’s Experiences

Ever since OSZ Informations- und Medizintechnik launched their Notebook courses in 2017, the collage has focused on supporting the school-wide developmental processes by addressing the question how to lend systematic support to the actions for technological Digitization and Development of Digital Competence for Students and Teachers as shared and complementary tasks.

The OSZ IMT as large educational college with about 2’600 students and 150 educators has to face some new tasks and challenges while shifting from a “classical” action oriented teaching model using school IT systems towards its target to completely switch over to a bring-your-own-device based approach, when technology is not onyl available in technical classes but in all subjects and lessons.

Both SELFIE and the DigCompEdu Check In have been valuable tools in supporting us developing digital skills within an educational organization.

  • DigCompEdu as a framework is a useful method to communicate the needs and demands on CPD activities on a common level of understanding and helped teachers to better communicate towards the CPD teams.
  • DigCompEdu Check In was used during workshops to give teachers a starting point on discussing their own personal experience using technology in class.
  • SELFIE helped to gain an overall view and to determine next steps in the overall digital strategy which is currently developed and will be discussed with all educators during the current school year
  • SELFIE will also be a key part of our evaluation efforts regarding our digital strategy.

The only major drawback we observed using SELFIE and DigCompEdu Check In is that is quite complicated to present the results to the overall organization. The SELFIE results dashboard is quite useful for the schools’s coordinators to get an insight on the data, but is quite unhandy to get summarized data for distribution to the overall school. DigCompEdu Check In gives a good personal feedback to its users, but has no options to give  an organization wide impression on the staff’s digital competences to address further CPD stuff.

Report on European Tools as Elements on Digital School Development

During the Learning Path project, OSZ IMT used SELFIE and the European frameworks to establish a new organizational model. Martin Stuckenbröker wrote an extensive report on OSZ IMT’s experiences with SELFIE and the benefits and challenges of adopting this tool within the college’s development processes.

The full report can be downloaded here:

Martin Stuckenbröker: European Tools as Elements Of a School Development Model To Integrate Digital Competence in the Classroom and Professional Development [PDF]