Digitalized Learning Path for Educational Organizations

1.9.2018 – 28.2.2021


Coordinator TAKK, partners BFI Wien, OSZ-IMT, VUC ja ISQ.

The Digitalized Learning Path for Educational project is based on the DigCompEdu framework, which is the European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators. In this project, the framework is utilized to support the transnational and national development of educators´ digital competences in innovative ways.

The Learning Path project provides three development paths to enhancing digital skills and competences in educational organizations. All these paths contain concrete results, which can be utilized with open access during and after the project.

1) The Organizational Learning Path according to the DigCompEdu framework.

The Learning Path project supports the development by providing concrete methods and support to organizational development, e.g. creation of digital competence development strategy or updating existing strategy / plan.

2) Professional Learning Path for teacher/trainer gives participants an overview to developing digital skills and competences starting from assessments of current skills, competences and proficiency level according to the DigCompEdu framework. The project develops and provides innovative teacher / trainer trainings to support the setting of personal objectives and target proficiency levels, and of course enhancing digital skills and competences according to own individual learning path plans. This project will research and utilize the results, models, tools and products of previous and other on-going projects.

3) Learning Path for other stakeholders’ objective is to continuously engage the stakeholders via this platform. Partner organizations will share the concepts, models and activities related to organizational development and digital capacity, and of course development work with educators´ digital skills and competences. In vocational education and training, the cooperation with workplaces is essential, and this is why we also include activities to support the digital development in companies. Learning Path Platform is an open online resource for anyone to access, even after the project.